The Follower

There are certain perks to being both an English major and an active swing dancer. You get to dominate the lindy blogosphere with your one-sided, highly editorial tips. 😛 Hehe.

Anyways, for the follower struggling to keep up with your advanced lead, a few words of wisdom.

1. Don’t, don’t, I repeat don’t try to backlead. The more you stick to a generic set of steps, the less motion and momentum will surface in your dance. Lifeless, much?

2. Think elastic. Boom-pa-shoo-pa-da…even scatting the beats gives a sort of fluidity to all the motions. replicate the strength and pull your lead gives to you. Think mirror image.

3. Keep going in the last direction they led you. Did he send you spinning? Keep spinning until he stops you. Going left? Keep going, don’t just stand there. Think the old RPG game snake…you have perpetual motion.

4. Practice by yourself, dear. It pays off, I promise, Yes, you don’t get to dance with an attractive lead, but perhaps better moves will entice better leads.

5.Listen to your partner. Don’t fight the lead, for goodness’ sake. It happens that the follow is second in command, but a very important one. Without the follow, the lead is quite bare of any showy moves or pretty techniques.

6.Supplement your Lindy with different styles. Digging Balboa for a rest during the fast parts? Brush up on your basic in a few lessons. Charleston cheering you up? Learn how to  do the Chase into Tandem.

7. Once you master the basics, consider small personal flourishes. Style is such a key to beautiful dancing. Swivel toes, welll-placed kick-ball-changes and other techniques will up your dance cool points, at least in my book.

8. Ask for feedback. Experienced leads can really increase your dancing skill knowledge.

9. Observe the masters. Um, hello, Sharon Davis? If you want to steal some awesome moves, start watching those more experienced than you.

10. Youtube the heck out of Lindy. If you’re too far away or too broke to attend Lindy Focus or 505 Stomp, use the documented videos to help you along. I promise, you’ll have a great view. 🙂

As always, never stop dancing. Just keep dancing & the skills will…follow.



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