Staying Out All Night

A huge part of swing dance culture is the nightly dances, sometimes until 3-5am…this is alright for retreats and dance exchanges, but probably not the best idea if you want to live until a good ol’ ripe age.

I say this because I spent all of Sunday night either dancing or listening to people discuss dancing. Versus last night, which was mostly just talking with friends. In both instances, I fell asleep, like clockwork, around 2-3am. My body just can’t handle late nights anymore, it’s weird. But that’s probably better for my skin and everything…right? Honestly though, being a swing dancer means accepting, even embracing, this late night culture. It has it’s perks – you feel like you could dance forever, you’re kind of a rebel, you feel like part of swing dance history alongside those speakeasy’s…but one major qualm I have with this is a small, nagging pet peeve.

I love brushing my teeth….and sometimes I forget my toothbrush at these marathon late night dances…gah, I feel so grimey. -__-‘ So, ladies & gents, if you are a frequenter of 5am dancing, please remember to pack some toothpaste and a toothbrush. Your teeth will thank you in the morning. Now, excuse me as I brush my teeth 3 more times…Seriously though, what is a lindy hopper without her bright whites?


Love & Swing,




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