The Dish on DCLX


Before I swoon over the marvelous time we had in Tulsa, I need to discuss the fabulous perfection that was DCLX just a little over a month ago. To both do the event justice while still having time to go over the beauty of Greenwood, I shall provide a succinct “recipe” for the perfect swing exchange. So, without further ado.

1 cup of the perfect host.


She must be charming, welcoming and always ready for your lot, whenever you choose to arrive. In our case, Robin was all that and more. Not only did she cook us dinner and breakfast, she had BREWED CHOCOLATE known as chofee…or chocofee….or something. Get this–with Bailey’s creamer! I know. Breakfast also included a plethora of bacon, waffles and ricotta stuffed strawberries. Dinner consisted of show stoppers like a Moroccan chicken with drenched couscous. YUM. Not to mention, Robin gave us the brilliant name “Drew’s Crew.” She made us feel loved and ready to dance the night away.

3 cups of perfect company


Drew’s Crew really was an amazing team of awesome people. We were the trifecta of swing dance meets crazy puns. With a 13 hour journey there and back again, the whole trip felt like it swept by in the blink of an eye. We had a running streak about a certain aptly named street and were constantly tearing up from laughter. Not only that, the two chaps I went with  were great dancers. In good humor and good dance shoes, we tackled DC like nobody’s business. 

1 heaping teaspoon of good weather


The weather in Washington DC around late April basks in between a cool gust and warm rays of sunshine. Suffice to say, perfect dance weather. From DuPonte Circle to in front of a random metro stop, we could dance without too much sweat slipping amongst partners. Glorious, glorious weather that kept palms dry and faces smiling.

1 dash gorgeous venues


Helloooo, gorgeous. Sexy ballroom, much? I believe this is the Spanish ballroom in Glen Echo Park, MD. Holy moly, was she beautiful. High ceilings, beautiful floor, amazing ambient lighting. Perfection for indoor dance venues. The arched partitions between seating and the dance floor allowed people to rest without getting trampled on. Other than the one rather annoying dancer who told me to move out of her way, the venue was perfect. And oy, you annoying twat in the red dress…just sayin’, I remember your rudeness. However, the gorgeous venue will forgive your sorry state. Yes, Maryland, you did right with this number.

3 tablespoons of amazing bands.


The music knows when to put you in the mood. For DC, this was no different. Thank you to all members of the Bitter Dose Combo, Blue Crescent Syncopators, the Boilermaker Jazz Band, Bria Skonberg’s Hot Five, Jason Prover and the Sneak Thievery Orchestra, Meschiya Lake and the Little Big Horns and Sly Blue for their devotion to good beats alongside flawless rhythms. For more information, check out: I definitely made eyes at the trumpeter for Sly Blue. Musicians…their talent is so attractive.

1k+ amazing dancers


Wow, did I meet a lot of dancers here. Beautiful, beautiful lindy hoppers. I love each and every one of you. The amount of amazing here came to a stand still with nonstop jam circles, late night dances til 5am, and dancer crushes galore. I danced with everyone and anyone I could. It was FANTASTIC, might I add. Asking people to dance without prejudice is by far the best tip I can give any beginner.


So, with top notch company, music you could lick off your fingers, and friends fit to dance with, DCLX was my ideal and first swing exchange. My, my, did I fall in love with that city.

Know that this will be an annual event for me now, my lindy hoppers. ^  ^


Much Love and Lindy,





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