CUBE Dance Review

Hello, my loves.

Before I get into Lindy Groove (haha), let me do a quick review on my time at Chicago Underground Blues Experience a few weeks ago.


Venue (5/5): I love the Chicago Dance Studio. This was my first experience in the dance space, and I loved every minute on the fast floor. Yes, a bit slippery for Lindy, but quite appropriate for something more rhythm focused, like blues or soul. I saw several people dancing in socks, which seems quite appropriate as the floor was in impeccable shape.

Crowd (4/5): Everyone I danced with was quite fun and talkative. I love getting to know people on the dance floor, especially people I don’t know well or who I don’t know at all. The only problem at CUBE that night? The leads would NOT take the initiative and ask you to dance. Seriously. What is UP with that? Guys need to get into a more of a gentlemanly mentality, not that I don’t mind asking…just not every time.

Temperature (4/5): Unit air conditioning by the far windows, but no ventilation if you dance near the interior, by the fire escape. As a new dancer to this venue, I was quite relieved to dance by the A/C later into the night, but quite unfortunate for the crowds in the center. A bit varied in places, the temperature was decent given past venues I’ve been in.

Food (5/5): Wonderful job, CUBE! I had brie cheese, beef slices, provolone, strawberries, other fruits & vegetables. There were even two slow cookers full of meat and vegetarian chilli! Later into the night, there were even popsicles (that I missed). To top it all off, the food was completely free. ❤

Timing (4/5): Everyone arrived an hour late…which was a bit upsetting. H & I wanted to go dancing right away. It was a bit of a waste of money, given one hour was spent on waiting. Otherwise, we caught several dances every DJ session.

DJ’s (5/5): What can I say? CUBE doesn’t skimp on the music. From slide blues to the slow, bluesy stuff, this event had it all. I loved the personality differences expressed in the favored blues style. I would say different sessions, but great overall feeling of smoothness or quiet energy.

Atmosphere (5+/5): Everything meshed together in a smooth,  bluesy machine, my friends. The dimly lit venue, sophisticated food & beautiful dancers left me fully satisfied with blues…but also desperate for some Lindy because…well, it’s me. C’mon. I love Lindy.

Hope to see you all at CUBE next year!

❤ & Lindy,



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