Boogie Woogie Woe

Womp womp. Boogie Woogie was a bust. Was it the fact that it was on the edge of Budapest in the XIII District? No. Was it because the venue seemed like it popped out of nowhere in a car factory? Not at all. (In fact, that was kinda awesome.) Was it because none of the dancers were dressed vintage? Actually, they did pretty well on that front.

No, my friends, it was because this scene, I’m sad to say, has no welcoming swing dancing spirit to newcomers. This is possibly THE most important thing a swing dancing community must have – hospitality to newcomers. Instead, what did me and my two friends get? Cold shoulders complete with a side of awkward glances for over AN HOUR. So disappointed in you, Budapest Boogie Woogie scene. I’m hoping desperately that the lindyhoppers here are at least an inkling nicer and warmer than you were to us last night.

Honestly. I’m incredibly put off by this complete lack of warmth. At one point, the three of us were sitting down while two guys stood by watching. Instead of asking one of us, who had been waiting at least 20 min, they decided to ask a local girl who JUST arrived. What the junk in the backseat, shut the front door, that was just plain RUDE. 

The only redeeming factor? Having an epic Charleston circle for 40 minutes with my girls, no shame at all. We solo-ed whilst the locals gave us disdainful stares. I’m telling you, never have I ever felt so left out of a swing scene. It makes my heart sad.

So, yes, AVOID at all costs Forgách utca 9/a in Budapest, XIII. The people want to be left alone and their scene “impeccable.”


I’ll try these shenanigans once more with Lokal. If the people are as standoffish and elite as the ones here, I’m saving my Lindy Hop for kinder folk over the pond.


❤ & Lindy,



One thought on “Boogie Woogie Woe

  1. I just danced in Edinburgh and they have a great scene. Some of the most welcoming people I’ve met (I have a post coming up later this week). Basically if you have a chance, dance in Edinburgh.

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