Lokal Lindy Hop

ImageI finally established a rhythm here in Budapest about 2 weeks ago with the lovely Lokal Swing Bar. This fine swing bar plays nothing but swing music all day, all week, no exceptions. Furthermore, Marcell & Dora teach swing dancing two nights a week, every Tuesday and Thursday. Though they’re breaking temporarily until August, I’ve indulged in 3 weeks of great teaching and dynamic routines. So…without further ado, the merits of Lokal Lindy Hop (& Swing in general):

1. Venue: 3/5. Okay, bear with me. The venue is beautifully decorated and full of spunk. It’s mostly black and red with accents of yellow –gorgeous. The problem is, although the hardwood floors are springy and perfect for dancing, there just isn’t enough room to swing out or do anything fully with more than two couples on the floor. Don’t get me wrong, the sound penetrates the small space well, but I’d rather have more floor space. On the plus side, the bar is really, really close. 😛

2. Atmosphere: 5/5 Hello, swing culture. Everyone dresses vintage here, everyone has their hair done wonderfully, I love it. Plus, Lokal always dims the lights, so you feel all blues-y and such. None of the furniture matches and there’s an old jukebox or music player or radio a la 1940s in the corner. I feel like I stepped into a movie, it’s that good. Did I mention they play live music at least 5x a week? Every Tuesday, Laura Lackey’s Rhythm Revue played for us. Pure awesome in a quartet.

3. Price: 5/5 Everything  here is pretty much scotch-free, as Marcell and Dora only charge for lessons on Thursday. I believe I paid a whopping $5 for an amazing lesson on sugar pushes, less than the cover at LindyGroove, mind you. The taster classes on Tuesday are completely free. Again, the only drawback is limited space so get ready to step on some toes.

4. Dancing: 4.5/5 Only the most important part, hello. While it took a while for the Budapestian Swing Dancers to warm up to me as a newcomer, once they realized I could dance, I was asked quite frequently. Still, not a good thing to give newcomers the cold shoulder at your scene. Otherwise, I’ve had lovely dances with friendly people, albeit one or two shruggers who don’t know what they want. I loved soloing with my new friend Nora last night, she is so fun. ^  ^

5. Overal: 4.5/5 I love Lokal, it blows the boogie woogie place in the middle of nowhere completely out of the water. The ambience is spot-on vintage, the people dance lindy hop (oh thank God), the girls are precious and the bar is a mere 10 feet from the dance floor. What’s not to love? I just want more to love. Hehe.


❤ & Lindy,



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