LindyGroove Review

This was loooong overdue. My apologies, Californians! This place was awesome, I loved dancing here so much.


Without further ado, let’s get to the review! What, what I can rhyme….hehe.

Venue: 4/5 Huge ballroom well-worth the $7 I paid to get in. I love everything about this place – the beautiful hardwood flooring, the vintage looking chandeliers and the red curtains by the stage. There’s also a gorgeous entrance hall, and I caught a glimpse of the blue’s room when I was leaving. (Sigh, sometimes I wish I lived in California).

Atmosphere: 5/5 Maybe it was because there were at least 6 birthdays, or maybe it was because the dance floor was the right kind of crowded–with people who know and love how to dance (mostly). Everyone there was excited to at least learn, if not completely do, lindy hop or some other form of swing dancing. I felt quite at home with the friendly, boisterous atmosphere. DJ tonight, but they were fun nonetheless. In the middle of the night, there was also a fun performance by a troupe of lovely swing ladies. Beautifully executed.

Dancers: 4/5 Like I said, Californians know how to swing dance. Mostly. I, unfortunately, have no idea who swing dances, so I kept accidentally picking the newbies brought over from the birthday party crowds. After observing people and asking my host J, I finally got around to some ridiculously fun dances. I even joined in on the birthday jams/steals for a bit. Fun fact, I also reunited with a DCLX alumni dancer! Reliving past exchanges is the best. For lindyhoppers, there are some west-coasters here, so be on your guard to change styles when you need to. Everyone is quite accommodating to different styles, except one guy who kept yelling at me to follow….why yes, that is what I’m trying to do, sir.

Fashion: 4/5 I usually leave this component out when I review, but the swing kids here did it so well, I have to include a shout out. Girls in vintage dresses or cute blouses and skirts, all the guys with their vintage shirts and slacks….wonderful. I will say, I did love the hair immensely. I saw at least 10 girls with ’20s to ’40s hairstyles and several colorful bandana headbands (which are the bomb in the opinion of one who wears them constantly.) Most of the guys also had their hair slicked back into period-relevant ‘dos as well. Well done, Pasadena, well done.

Overall: 4.5/5 California, you are near and dear to my heart for lindy hop. I love the energy you guys bring to the floor! I can’t wait to visit you guys again, soon.


Next up? I’ll be in Seattle and Vancouver next month. Be on the lookout, swing scenes!


❤ & Lindy,





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