Improv – The Heart of Lindy Hop

Hello, all. ^  ^ How are my lindy-hopped people? I hope the summer is providing you a TON of live bands to dance to and very happy feet.


I wanted to just share a bit about what I love about lindy hop…the unending improvisation and creativity of it all. So, every dance has its basic step, but can every dance claim to have aerials, incorporate iconic, tandem Charleston moves or even let the dancer do whatever the heck they want. Shut the front door, of course they don’t. That’s exclusive the swing dancing and swing dance culture. Unlike the uprightness of ballroom or the heavy passion of Latin dances, Lindy and the like are an entirely FUN breed of dances that focuses on the creativity of dancers. The best part? You can dance alone and not look like someone left you there. One can never really beat a fantastic solo Charleston to your favorite song played by an excited DJ or live band.

Improvisation is not limited to the dancers, but also incorporates musicians into the jam. One plays, the other invents a new move. One sings, the other jump-spins. Before you know it, there are dancers singing and singers lindy-hopping….beautiful, beautiful madness. I love it all. It’s really the heart of this blog. Getting into the Swing of Things means simply to get your own groove in the lindy hop community. Sure, you can learn something from everyone, some very awesome moves, but nothing really beats forming your own style.

So…I guess I’m just really excited about this fall. I’m running events with my campus swing society. Guess what? WE GOT ALICE MEI AND THOMAS BLACHARZ for Lindypalooza in November! Check out the event here: If you’re in the Midwest during that time, you should definitely come and check it out. It will be happy-feet tiny-dancer all the waaaay home. I’m also attending Nevermore Jazz Ball & Lindy Focus this semester. Whaaaat? Crazy, right? Who would’ve thought, a girl so shy she didn’t dance for 6 months after one criticism, going to 3 workshops the next fall. French the llama, that’s crazy (Nerdfighters, anyone?). On top of that, I’ll probably be organizing some fun dances along the way. Dream job, much?

‘Twill be quite the fun times. I wonder what the future has in store?

“When I die, if I go to heaven, I want it to be just like the Savoy.”
Frankie Manning

One of my greatest regrets in life is not being able to dance with the late and great Frankie Manning. Blessings, Frankie. I hope you’re lindy hopping up there with the Saints. 

I hope to celebrate his 100th in NYC with all the other 2K+ awesome dancers.

DFTBA (Don’t Forget to be Awesome), Dancers.


❤ & Lindy,




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