Stuff Follows Like [#2]

1. Suede bottom shoes, baby. Look at those Aris Allens. Smooooooth as buttah.


2. Leads who wear undershirts. Because nobody is made to be that slick. (Oh, puns. How I hate to love them.)


“The sweat…it’s EVERYWHERE.”

3. Frankie Manning. “Wait, doesn’t everyone love Frankie?” you ask. Why, of course. But follows all the more, because Frankie will always be the guy that knew all the moves.


4. Bobby White. Because this.


5. Hello. Meet my lovely friend the head bandana. Cheap and under a dollar at your neighborhood Goodwill, you look so fine in that tied up bandana, Miss Thang. Fiiiiiiine. Hehe.


Happy Friday, swing dancers.

Swing out loud, swing out proud. ^  ^

❤ Sherry


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