Stuff Follows Like [#3]

1. Skirts that not only look amazing, but feel amazing. That means they hold up under heavy duty sweatage, constant movement & way too excited leads. Such a skirt only exists in legend. Or, you know, ModCloth.


2. Leads who don’t make lame excuses to not dance with you. “I’m really, really thirsty right now.” “I don’t bal, and this is DEFINITELY a bal only song.” “I hate this band.” “I have a snake in my boot.” Yeah, whatever. Just give me a believable excuse, please. “I’m tired.” Run away, even. Then, we just know.


3. Leads who lead well in blues dance, but aren’t overly creepy or aggressive. I’m look at you, guy who grabbed my butt at ISLX. Looking. At. You.


4. Delicious, delicious snacks at late night dances. When you’re half-starved, anything with salt and/or sugar is AMAZING. Pretzels = level 1 awesome. Pretzels + peanut butter = level 2 YUM. Pretzels + PB + M&Ms = WHAT IS THIS SWEET MADNESS?! Yeah, snacks go a long way to please a lady.


5. Follows who are friendly and actually talk to you. Woman, this is not a competition (well, not usually). We can take turns dancing with that awesome lead, chill OUT. I love my follow friends who just dance, especially the ones who are willing to join me in a solo jazz circle. Thanks, ladies!


Happy Friday, all you lindyhopped and swungover people. ^  ^

Keep Calm & Lindy On,



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