Stuff Follows Like [#5]

1. Thomas Blacharz & Alice Mei. What down-to-earth and incredibly devoted swing dance people. Quotable too. They taught me that rhythm is king in swing dancing. Thank you.


2. Leads who aren’t afraid to get downright nerdy on the dance floor. Seriously though. I love geeking out with people who aren’t afraid to get a bit crazy with their moves. There is no bad dancing when you’re having fun.


11th Doctor Giraffe Dance, ftw.

3. NEVERMORE. Holy canoli, did I love Nevermore Jazz Ball. Specifically, the Gilkenson. I think I took nearly all of her classes. This powerhouse taught amazing classes with a great sense of humor despite being quite ill. Kudos, Nina! Of course, Mia Goldsmith, Andy Reid & Todd Yannacone were equally brilliant. Nevermore shall I be bereft of good swing dance examples. Shock & awe.


Todd Yannacone & Nina Gilkenson. Photo courtesy of London Swing Fest.

4. Practicing. Yes, yes I know. Sometimes it’s really painful to do tick-tock-whoop-a-da’s until you DIE but hear me out. Everyone can get better from a little practice. I can only get better with a lot of practice, it turns out. Even the late and great Frankie Manning was called a stiff dancer by his mother until he practiced nonstop with inanimate objects. Brooms, chairs, you name it. Even then, he religiously went to dances and geeked out on dance mechanics. Practice, practice till your feet can SING. (Thank you, Mr. Andy Reid for that quotable snippet.)


Make your feet happy.

5. Mentors, of all sorts. Without great teachers, learning would never continue. Shout out to Mr. Bradley Smith who took the time in his schedule to take me under his wing. I’m so thankful for your kindness and gentle reminders to feel the music. I’ve had the pleasure of taking lessons from a host of local great teachers, past and present – Andrea Walker, Ann Lucenko, Andrea & Aaron Raiff and Anthony Caruseillo to name a few. Thank you to all of you who are committed to inspiring dancers of all levels to keep dancing. We need you to help our feet sing.



Congratulations! You read to the very end. I applaud you.

You get a complimentary update:

~Lindypalooza review
~Nevermore review
~Fun things to come. ^  ^

Love & Lindy,




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