Seattle Lindy Exchange: Sunday Evening

I miss summer, especially the enormous success that was Seattle Lindy Exchange’s (SLX’s) Sunday Evening Dance. (Wow, listen to all those s-sounds. Simply scintillating.) I know you all have been missing a review on that as well. So, without further ado, a comprehensive review of SLX’s Sunday Eve Extravaganza.


Venue: 5/5 What ills can you say about the beautiful, historic Century Ballroom? Absolutely nothing. Great floor with just enough give and packed appropriately with people. The open dance floor is surrounded on three sides by burgundy-clothed round tables and plenty of comfy seating. Did I mention there’s a balcony? Well, there is. The only  minute downside was that there’s  a code to get into the bathroom. Small complaint given comfortable dance location. This particular Seattle location hosts an amazing array of coffee shops, microbreweries and ice cream shoppes. Get dinner, dessert & dancin’ all in one go. I recommend arriving early before a dance just to take a stroll in the neighborhood.

Atmosphere:  5/5 Glenn Crytzer’s Blue Rhythm Band played that night. Need I say more? With the band playing and even the observers grinning from ear to ear, you couldn’t help but dance. I left around midnight as the place throbbed with music and good humor. That jam circle…I was front and center folks. It was fantastic to watch the experts go to work. With that and seeing old friends, SLX was the perfect welcome home to the States.

Dancers: 5/5 Not only are these dancers skilled, they are nice. I don’t know if it’s something in that Seattle rain water or just the overall quality of the lessons, but every dancer I met seemed genuinely happy to be there. I danced nonstop for the 2 hours I was there. Non-stop. Less than a minute for each water break. That, my friends, is unprecedented for this blogger. Thank you, Seattle. You definitely set the gold standard in dancer etiquette.

Photo Courtesy of Tim Cheeney

Photo Courtesy of Tim Cheeney

Overall: 5+/5 This was by far my favorite summer event. After being away on missions, this evening event shot me back into American lindy hop. Go big or go home right? Well, I felt like I was home after this fabulous event.

Thank you, Seattle. See you soon? I love you, rainy city.
Seattlites, I’m sorry, this was long overdue.

Next up? The Indys, I think. Who wants a Swing IN recap? ^  ^

Keep calm & lindy on,



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