Time to (Lindy) Focus

PEOPLE OF THE INTERNET. I will be in Asheville for Lindy Focus in less than 24 hours.


Remember this fantastic couple? ^ ^

I may or may not have an aneurysm from sheer excitement.

In case you missed Rebecca Brightly’s brilliant DWT post on attending dance events, read it and get excited for the lindy passion that LF 2013 will ignite in its attendees. For those of you who might not understand the fanaticism of LF, I invite you to think about your favorite activity. Now, complement that with your closest friends without considering distance as a factor. Combine this ball of joy with the holiday season and top notch instructors. Multiply that combination by about 2,000 other attendees who are bursting with copious amounts of enthusiasm. Drizzle over with Lindy, Blues, Balboa and vintage galore…you get the entire extravaganza that I’m talking about. Lindy. Focus. Time.

If you’re like me, you want to streamline your luggage without losing the essentials. The lovely blogger Lainey Silver has you covered in this department. (I wish I read this before devoting all of Christmas Eve morning on what to pack).

Some quick tips from this travelista:

1. Microfiber towels aren’t very comfy, but boy will they save you space. Packs like a tissue (kinda absorbs like a tissue) and dries super quick. A must for the frequent flyer without 5-star accommodations.

2. Shoes. Somehow I managed to fit two pairs of dance sneakers and a pair of heels into my itty bitty carry on. Recommendation? Well worth it. Yep. No regrets here.

3. Don’t skimp on the vitamins! I’m carrying a Costco-size 18 bulk container of Airborne with me. I refuse to get sick…

4. Water bottle, lindy hopper…do NOT forget your water bottle. Not a big expense unless you’re a fancy bottle fanatic, but wouldn’t it be terrible to carry around a dinky 8 oz disposable when you could have your reusable, eco-friendly one?

5. Good attitude. Traveling can take its toll, especially at an airport. When in doubt, just take a breath and think things over. If you can’t, try to refrain from yelling at the rude patron in front of you. If you remember to pack this, all your other materials don’t seem so very necessary.

I cannot wait. Usually, I’m not a giddy person (rather more of the neurotic sort), but this event is highly anticipated in my book.

See you there, swing friends. ^  ^

Love & Lindy,


P.S. Did I post on Nevermore yet? Because I need to. It will probably be a massive Nevermore & Lindy Focus dual post.

Get excited.

Merry Christmas, wonderful swing community. ^  ^


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