Across the Pond (or two).

Hello Lindyland!

Long time no see. Kinda slow going here in Chambana, what with the last dance a few weeks ago.

So far, I’ve ran a half marathon and other fun things, including finishing up my thesis (YES).


In other news, I’ll be moving to Taiwan by August! I managed to get a coveted Fulbright scholarship to teaching English there. Since Yilan is not well known for lindy hop or jazz culture of any sort, it will be an adventure in solo jazz and video learning. Thinking about Rhythm Juice, but do you guys have any suggestions? I know you can’t complete challenges if you’re dancing by yourself on RJ, but I’d love to get personal feedback on my dancing. Plus, no harm in some extra practice. 🙂 I’m nervous, excited and jittery all at once. If all works out, I’ll also be holding some impromptu swing dance lessons for the kids there! Dream job, hello. Plus, Taiwan is so close to S. Korea, where I’ve heard you can swing dance everyday of the week in Seoul. My kind of city. 

Anyways, get ready for some more in-depth insights about solo work and practice coming up. Hopefully, I’ll be able to head into Taipei Sundays to dance as well.

In other news, Frankie 100 is just around the corner! So excited to work it. 


Love & Lindy,



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