Experiments in RhythmJuice

Hello Lindy fambam. Long time no talk.

So, remember how last time I was talking about how I should probably do that solo thing and probably check out Rhythm Juice?


Well, I made that a reality about a month ago. Yep, took about a paycheck’s worth of commitment, repeating songs, practice, practice aaaaand graded challenge videos. It’s like taking an endless amount of privates in your PJs or whatever you like to wear at home. However, if you’re short on accountability or motivation or just want to lounge around this summer, you should probably enroll a partner as well. So far, it’s been pretty nice to practice when I can, though I do wish I could have endless time to practice unhindered by 8-hour work days.

The result? Definitely more self-awareness, the cringe-worthy but good-for-you, fiber-y kind. I also get personal feedback from Dax & Sarah! Totally worth the sweating and my mom’s confusion while I jump around to different rhythm speeds.

I’ll let you guys know when I’m further along, just on the second part currently. Workin’ on that Charleston pigeon-toe action.

For now, I’ll spare you my spastic challenge video attempts. Some things are just going to have to wait. Hehe.

Love & Lindy,



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