Stuff Follows Like [#6]

Time to bring back an oldie but a goodie.

My, my, it’s been awhile since I’ve shared more shtuff follows like, hasn’t it?

Without further ado…

1. LindyShopper

Who doesn’t love Laura from LindyShopper? She dances, she sings, she shops vintage…she does it all, with style, to boot. I love her dance-friendly dress suggestions and recently found the perfect, summer-y graduation dress from her!

2. TrashyDiva

Speaking of that chic and Old-Hollywood find, did I mention what a gem the boutique website TrashyDiva is? Get fabulous A-line skirts, form-fitting but flattering dresses and fancy footwear to compliment. Did I mention I got my newest pair of mint Chelsea Crew’s from here? Amazecakes (but make sure to take measurements for your dress and order about 1 to 1/2 size down in the pumps).

3. The Gibson Roll


Fabulous and easy, breezy beyootiful style for dancing in. Did I mention you get loose curls for a day afterwards? Perfect 2 in 1 hairstyle for lazy days and dance nights. I tend to accomplish this look with an ordinary cloth, stretchy hairband, though a pretty, thinner one would do marvelously for nightly dances. Just put on the headband a little more forward than you normally would on your forehead. Then, begin looping strands of your hair through the headband on both sides until you make your way to the back of your head. Pin it like crazy and hairspray…voila! You’re all set to stun at the weekly dance.

4. The Balm


The PERFECT nude palette with a hilarious concept in the Balm’s Nudetude is a must have in any lindygirl’s travel bag or vanity. With colors known only as Sassy, Sultry or Silly, this palette knows how to cater to your mood. Whether you want a light look with a glint of gold or a bronzed smokey eye, this is the palette to keep in handy. Plus, look at that creative packaging. Hilarious.

5. Margaret Howell Oxfords


I want the pair second from the right. Need them, actually. Margaret Howell does a beautiful rich leather skinny oxford that toes the line between masculine and feminine style. Imagine a chiffon dress balanced out by the strong black shoe. Absolute perfection.

6. The Knot Library


If you’ve ever wondered how the fabulous ladies of LIndy tie their scarves or various head scarves, this is your crem de la crem resource. Wear pin curls during the day under this “Bows Away” style. Love it.

7. Joe Smith & the Spicy Pickles Jazz Band



Joe’s band has recently reached a new level of lindy hop gold. I met Joe a few years back at Greenwood Swingout and since then he has accomplished amazing things in the music world. I listened to their recent EP and was groovin’ immediately. Music to swing out to, fo sho. Kate Hazen, another friend, designed their cover. Gorgeous stylin’, great listening. Can you say win win?


Frankie 100 review comin’ up soon folks.

Love & Lindy,



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