The Pain of Practice

Finally got around to more Rhythm Juice. 

I want to die. Because I hate discipline. And repetition. And doing badly at things.

But, what I’ve realized from watching myself fail and fail again, is that each attempt is just a smidge better than the last. After 45 or more takes on the video camera watching myself fall on my bum (figuratively, so far), it’s worth it to see the arms swing a little more freely, the legs look a little less stiff. I’ve got a long way to go, but I’m excited to say I’m not quitting.

So, some tips?

1. Practice everywhere. Today, I spent half of my bathroom break practicing steps in the mirror. Just to be productive…yeah. No, actually, it does stave off boredom quite well.

2. Don’t quit. Even when you’re a hardcore summer slacker like me and whine through even the most ridiculously quick exercises. You invested in the feedback, so man up and make the mistakes. Get messy, a la Miss Frizzle. It’s okay to fail, so long as you learn from your mistakes along the way. 

3. Don’t be a perfectionist, but don’t short change yourself either. Spend a decent amount of time learning the material, but give it some time to settle in.

4. Have fun with it. Just because the instructor shows you one way to do things, doesn’t mean that that’s the only way. Change your shoulders, your arms, the way you hold your head or the pattern your feet make. Mess with rhythms. It’s dance, not a march.

5. Take mistakes as blessings. They really are. Mistakes show you your tendencies and help you get better, faster. Once you see them, you can correct for them or change them into something spectacular and signature. Spin your weakness into gold.


Lindy on. 🙂



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