Hip Hop for Lindy Hoppers

Story of every swing event after party ever. EVER.

All credit to #LindyHopProblems over on Tumblr for finding this gem. ❤ from Taiwan!

Can you spot the Naomi Uyama & Laura Glaess? Yep. It’s AWESOME.


& the Lindyhoppin’ don’t stop…




2 thoughts on “Hip Hop for Lindy Hoppers

  1. Sherry, I was at the SwingIN 2014 afterparty in a house practically built for a dance party. The playlist was all the most awesome funk and soul hist of the 70s and 80s—Cool & the Gang, The Gap Band, Sly & the Family Stone—and he house was packed full of dancers. Nobody wanted to dance! Oh, my gosh. Michelle Stokes and I kept trying to start a soul train to get everyone involved. This did not work. It ended up with just us being watched and imitated…until we left…and then nobody danced at all.

    I apologize to funk and soul for that travesty. Amen.

    • Oh no! That’s so sad…we actually got a soul train started in the most unlikeliest places–a Fulbright welcome party a few weeks ago. It was so surreal, but kind of sad non-swing dancers were more eager to dance to soul/funk than what I’ve experienced at after parties in the States. T___T

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