Dancers in Print: “In the Swing of Things”

Just read a recent article by a local swing dancer, Steve Kim!


The crazy awesome Taipei swing dancers. (Photo courtesy of WackyBoys Studio)

Take a look right over here. (Thanks to Laura Lygaityte for the tip).

Steve covers the Jazz Revival right here in Taiwan, accompanied by some of his amazing photographs.

The Taipei swing scene has truly been a home away from home. All the dancers are so easy to get along with and fantastic on their feet. What more could you ask for? Every time I head into Taipei, it’s like there’s an entire extended lindy hop family there dancin’ up a storm. With amazing venues everywhere and floor space galore, it’s hard not to be fast friends with everyone you meet. If you’re ever in the area, check out Simply Swing. You won’t regret it.

Taipei Lindy Fest review comin’ up soon, so wait just a hot minute.

Oh yeah…and Frankie 100! I’ll leave you some highlights, volunteer tips and some definite warnings. 😉

Love & Lindy,



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