Stuff Follows Like [#7] *Special Taiwan Edition*

There’s nothing quite like swinging out at 80% humidity, when you can’t tell sweat from condensation. Aw yeah. Here are a few quintessential things the follow needs upon entering the city gates of Taipei.

1. Fans. ALL THE FANS. If you don’t have a fan, the humidity will eat chu alive like a hungry hyena. Not to mention the mosquitoes. Angry little bloodsuckers, aren’t they? Taipei Lindy Fest had THE BEST idea with paper fans you could customize with cute little stamps. Check us out. 😉


Photo courtesy of Izumi Chigusa.

2. No Taipei dance event would be complete without sampling some local flavor…sooooo, aboriginal dancing bonding FTW! There’s nothing quite like watching famous lindy faces play traditional hakka instruments and a whole room of lindyhoppers aboriginal dancing in a circle.


Photo courtesy of Wackyboys Studio

3. Awesome lighting on the freakin’ ceiling. Just because they can.


Photo courtesy of Wackyboys Studio

4. Selfies with your lindy heroes are absolutely the best. Well, actually, selfies in general are a big thing. Selfies, photos, videos…all o’ that. However, there was a disturbing lack of clapping due to people on their iPhones…hmm…(I’ll touch on that in my TLF post).


Selfie courtesy of Barry Hwang

Selfie courtesy of Barry Hwang

5. WATER. In the States, if you forget water, it’s no biggie and you can fill up some empty plastic one at the nearest faucet. Taiwan’s water is not purified, so you can’t just find a tap, but you have to find a water filter machine. Yep, so you’re pretty much out of luck unless you bring your water bottle. Given the dancing and the heat, if you don’t bring it you are dead meat.

Image via 180 Degree Health

Image via 180 Degree Health

That’s all, folks! That’s the cherry and pits of this town, er, at least for now. Overall, lindy hop is the same here as in the States, just a little more sweaty than the Midwest.

Here’s to good friends and great dances.

Photo courtesy of Izumi Chigusa

Photo courtesy of Izumi Chigusa

Love & Lindy,



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