Dancers to Watch: Guillermo Martinez

Hello Lindy World. I am just recovering from an unknown mouth infection, bronchitis and a dog bite (sometimes you just can’t win), so I’m slowly getting back into this blogging game.

Anyways, enough about me. I wanted to highlight another individual that continues to inspire the Lindy community. Meet Guille, a fellow alum of the University of Illinois and a teammate from Swing Dings circa 2013. ^  ^


Not the most flattering picture of me…but fun none the less.

You can catch him here on Patrick and Natasha’s new team, The Slingshots. Did I mention they got first place?

So, why is Guille a dancer to watch? The passion for swing dance, the overwhelming friendliness and the attention to floor craft, to name a few. Basically, have you ever had a dancer friend know just the right time to strut his stuff while also making you look awesome? This is your guy. Plus, he does a mean improvised step. Watch out, Lindy World, here he comes. 😛

So there you go, nice guy finishing first. Here’s to seeing you somewhere out in Lindyland, Guille.

‘Cause the Lindy Hop Don’t Stop,



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