The Ultimate Lindy Hop Showdown 2014 Solo Jazz Finals

Might I say, very creative and fun way to do a solo jazz comp.

This, my friends, is how you get the spirit of the dance. You pair up a marvelous member of the band with an equally lovely dancer for pairings that are beyond fantastic. Even better, given these three internationally renowned dancers and musicians. LF 2013 gave us some gorgeous portraits done by the Mr. Bobby Bonsey, seen in the solo comp. Ben Polcer’s is always the best. I also had the lucky chance to be in a singing lesson with Aurora Nealand back in Lindy Focus of last year. She is absolutely one of the most amazing musicians I’ve met. Anais Sekine happens to be one of the top academics in jazz dance history today. I had the pleasure to listen to her at Frankie 100. Of course, all of these artists are truly gifted. Take a look at this spontaneous, musical amazement that was ULHS 2014 solo jazz right down below.

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