S.O.S. (Swingout Syndicate) #1

What’s going on in the world wide web of Swing?

  • Sarah Sullivan courageously shared about her assault. Read her amazing writing.
  • When you’re finished with that, read Swungover’s article on safe spaces.
  • Ladies and gentlemen, Sergei Polunin (I know this isn’t swing, but it’s beautiful).

  • Carsie Blanton’s “A Heart Needs a Home
  • You should watch Whiplash to understand the pain of becoming a jazz musician. Phenomenal.
  • Use Yehoodi’s #safespaces to continue the conversation on safety measures taken on your local dance floor. Let’s prevent abuse together.
  • Frankie and Ramona. Enough said. Just watch:

  • Finally, a dancing corgi. Because anyone, and everyone, should dance and NOT BE JUDGED for goodness’ sake.

    Image via destructoid.com

    Image via destructoid.com


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